[Lounge Review] Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge – Changi Airport (SIN) Terminal 2


Finally had the chance to try this SilverKris Lounge!

To be honest, I was a little afraid that it’ll be like terminal 3 experience but I’d soon find out I’m in luck this time.

Opening – 24hours

Location – Located near the E Gate area and easily identifiable with the iconic Singapore Airlines logo.

After checking in at an empty SQ Business Class counter, we arrived at 530am with plenty time to chill before our flight at 0710 to Bangkok.

The space was decked out in the familiar dark brown tones as per the older SKLs and the place hence felt cosy with not too much crowd in the early morning hours. No issues finding a spot for breakfast.

They also have some phone booths for those who needs to take loud skype calls / video calls / facetime.


Champagne was also the order of the day so we hit that of course:


In terms of other food and drinks, they were all very decent quality with enough variety to go around. Plates were cleared quite efficiently too.

The place started to fill up an hour after we reached and we didn’t stay longer than necessary. An hour and half before to flight depart is enough.

I do have to say though – I felt more welcomed here than at T3 where I was basically brushed aside like a housefly.

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