[Hotel Review] Israel Idyllic – Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport

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I had a bad feeling about this stay when I found out that we had been assigned a night here due to some flight timing changes but said to myself how bad can a Holiday Inn Express be?

I was so wrong.

Address – Opposite Dubai Int’l Airport Terminal 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Website.

Contact – Tel: +971-4-2900111. Email: info.airport@hiexdubai.ae.

Location – The official info says the property is opposite Terminal 3 of the airport but its not as near as I thought. In fact, getting there still meant a sort of 10mins drive to see the property’s name at late night. We even saw an Aloft and Merdien on our transfer there.

Price – we didn’t see the rate booked but a dummy check showed AED395++ a night (~SGD150++).

Check In – We arrived at slightly before 8pm, all 11 of us, and filled up the whole 2-counter check in area. I was lucky enough to be one of the first in line and even then, the staff was slower than preferred during the check in process, including explaining about breakfast etc. I also gave my IHG number but it did not result in anything nor log a stay.

Meanwhile, the lobby is a mix of sad and sparse, and definitely not a vibe I’d want even on a simple over-nighter.

Room – I don’t think there are actual room types listed on their website so I think I just got one of their twin-bedded rooms.

My heart sank when I stepped in because the room was …just really old and smelled like smoke anyway even though it’s supposed to be a non-smoking room. Those pictures on the website are very heavily touched up – the actual product is VERY BAD. It’s one of those stays that I wish will over as soon as I stepped in.

How should I put it? Well, apart from the residual smoke stench, the hardware is just grim – the kind where I’d be afraid to lift the bedsheet for checks.

The choice of colors in this space is the old-school brown with a slight pop of blue on the side of the wall where the bed sits. The twin beds were dreary but thankfully no hairs / stains to the naked eye at least. Opposite the beds are a length of brown containing a bare bone wardrobe, a simple mini bar (kettle with cups and freeze dried coffee, tea bags and complimentary water). This space also doubles up as a work desk if need be, and the small TV is mounted at this area as well. It’s also useful to note that the tiled floor was sticky so luckily, I had the presence of mind to bring SQ’s slippers with me to last me through the night.

The bathroom is an expectedly cosy space containing the essentials but barebone amenities – single sink, standing shower booth, with Urban Skincare branded toiletries (which happens to be the best looking thing in the room).

I had to get dinner so my only choice was to order from the Great Room located on lobby level and kudos to them they said they’ll bring it to my room when ready. My Cesar Salad with chicken was functional.

Breakfast – served at Great Room: the huge space functions like a huge canteen and seating is free & easy. I thought they could have picked a different color of seating to brighten up the space though.

Breakfast starts 6:30am onwards, breakfast is served mass buffet style and had the usual breads, eggs, sausages, lentils, hummus, cheeses, cold cuts, juices etc. Crowd was heavy even before 7am and the vibe was very canteen like but it serves its purpose.

Facilities – The website talks about a fitness centre and a sports bar The Brick Wall but I didnt see any of them during my short stay. There is however a little convenience store of sorts located at the lobby level where you can purchase drinks and snacks on the go.

Check Out – Seamlessly done at 6:30am so no issue here.

In summary,

It was not a choice to stay here and I definitely will NOT RECOMMEND anyone to do so. Any premium lounges in DXB would have been better even with a lack of proper sleeping facilities.

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