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Finally getting to try this lounge to check off all my SilverKris Lounge experiences with this visit! And after hearing all that datapoint about how this lounge can be a madhouse especially later into the evening, I actually made my way almost 6 hours ahead, at 6:30pm, to attempt a much more peaceful experience and take my time instead of rushing through the stay due to the crowd.

The Singapore Airlines motif is always striking at this flagship spot upon arrival:

Space / Seats

Once in, I took my time to stroll through the space and immediately I realized that indeed, the space is really really crowded. Perhaps I had limited experience pre-COVID but wow this lounge is packed! For this reason, I did not really have many opportunities to get nice shots and as much as I wanted to not show other people’s faces, it was impossible.

In any case, the space is thankfully quite huge which in hindsight was such a smart move. It is a longish sort of design split into 2 main areas with a reception area with manned desks set up in the middle – I suppose it means you can approach them if you need any help but when I wanted to ask some questions, the staff was more interested to chat with another guest and my lingering wait was pretty much ignored.

The left side of this is the livelier (ie crowded) space because that’s where the food is. I can see how this space can be super nice when it is less packed as there is indeed so many seating options: from proper dining tables, comfy sofa seats, high-back fancy chairs, and high tables with bar seats.

To the right of the entrance is a similarly big space: more chill vibes, less eating and more drinking because that’s where the bar is – it is manned from 5:30pm-1:30am with a cocktail menu but the friendly bartender is more than happy to make you something off-menu if you kind of know what you want.

There are no proper dining tables at this side of the space but you’ll see more sofa seats, high tables, and booth seats.

Food & Beverage

As I was there at dinner time, the food spread was actually quite decent, only that there are queues to take turns to take the food much like a canteen, although an atas one. Due to the crowd, it was not possible to take pics of everything on offer though but I’ll try my best.

To begin with, there are some stocked shelves of takeaway sandwiches, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, salads and small cakes. Nearby is an island containing flavored water canisters and cereals (?).

At the main buffet line, there is a variety of decent hot proteins, carbs, vegetables, and dim sum.

At both corners of the buffet are live stations: one for laksa & curry chicken noodles, and the other for pasta.

Located at the other corner of the F&B area is where the drinks and alcohol are – I was interested in only champagne but I can see limited choices of spirits, a wine dispensing machine, and canned drinks. If you are particular about the type of champagne, it is also worthwhile to note that I first saw Taittinger, then it got replaced by Henriot which did not taste good to me.

There is a separate coffee/tea station right smack in the middle of this area to diffuse the crowd – smart design I must say!

I enjoyed my dinner with 2 orders of off-menu Espresso Martini with Baileys + 1 Whiskey Sour from the bar – both were so nice!


Almost everything was self-served so the only service I experienced was efficient clearing of soiled plates – perhaps too efficient at one point when they cleared my freshly made drink when I left it at the table to get food.

Snooze Area

One facility which I wanted to try was the snoozing area where comfortable day beds await – there is no booking nor limit to how long a guest can stay so fastest fingers! This is an enclosed area with perhaps 12 semi-partitioned nooks to choose from, with each equipped with a non-adjustable daybed, a table, powerpoints / charging ports, and a wall light. There are also blankets and eye shades laid out at the entrance if you need them. These spaces also do not have doors so it should be common sense that you shouldn’t do whatever is not appropriate to be done in public eg undressing or changing clothes(!).

I found this spot very useful for the 1.5hours rest I needed after the food & drinks – this was corroborated by the audible snoring from one very tired guy somewhere in this space.

In Summary,

Despite the crowd, I do find that it is still a great option for a pre-flight adventure for ‘free’ food , drinks, and some rest. The ability to get a seat fluctuates according to flight crowds – I myself found a seat easily at around 7:00pm but I’ve heard that it gets crazy closer to later night so good luck if your flight timing coincides with that!

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