[Hotel Review] The Westin Singapore – Grand Premier Room

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I didn’t think I would do a repeat stay at this property but the value of Hotelux benefits AND getting $100 per night (for double occupancy because $50 per pax) * 3 nights proved to be too tempting. Yes, I did miss their 12.12 sale which by all means was the most value we have seen so far, but hey this is not that bad too!

I last tried this property in 2016 so I guess it is also time to see how much have changed.

Address – 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore . Website.

Contact – Tel: +65 69226888. Email: westin.singapore@westin.com.

Price – $270++ * 3 nights = $636nett (due to 3rd night free) booked via Hotelux which gives me the following benefits under the Luminous programme: Daily breakfast• Up to USD 100 hotel dining / spa credit per stay• Complimentary room upgrade (subject to availability)• Early check-in & late check-out (subject to availability)• Welcome letter / amenities.

I will also further receive SGD$100 dining credit per night (based on double occupancy) * 3 nights granted by the hotel in lieu of the Executive Lounge closure for Plat Elite members. Score!

Location – The hotel seems like it was set up to be a business hotel, nestled in the Asia Square area where all the fancy banks are. It was considered more ‘ulu’ before the Downtown line was up and running but now with Downtown station (DT17) just a 3-5min walk away, staying here is not as inconvenient if you need to run around. On weekdays, the area is bustling with working peeps and plenty food options but a lot quieter on weekends when the office crowds are almost non existent.

Pre-arrival – I received my very detailed pre-arrival email 5 days prior to my stay listing the necessary info and I appreciate the thought that goes into making sure it contains everything that a guest would possibly need to know.

Check In – I was attended to almost immediately when I arrived on a weekday 12noon and the process took about 15mins including explanation my Luminous USD100 (SGD$132) dining credits which is cumulative and my nightly $100 dining credit (based on double occupancy) which is non-accumulative. Was also given my Plat Elite welcome choice and I picked the 1,000 points.

Room – I was upgraded to a Grand Premier Room (46SqM) from a Deluxe King – on a Club Floor on level 45. I got the infamous “19” stack which was super nice! The draw of this stack is the 2 floor to ceiling windows which offers sweeping views of the port and CBD areas which is …. essentially many office buildings, a handful of fancy residences, and the occasional hotel.

The room itself starts off with a walkway which leads into your wardrobe and bathroom, then the main bedroom where everything else is located. A swivel TV, a Bose system, multiple couches, and their signature heavenly bed.

Everything was spotless. There was also no care kit in the room except for ONE antiseptic wipe. There was also multiple powerpoints (but one didn’t work) including by both bedsides but if you want USB ports, it is only available below the TV. I also couldn’t seem to fix the height of the work chair for some reason.

The min bar was equipped with a nespresso with 6 capsules which housekeeping replenishes at turndown, complimentary water, empty fridge, and the glasses etc.

My welcome amenity was a tasty platter of humus, cheese, strawberries, and carbs.

There was also a welcome letter for booking from Hotelux

The bathroom had the nowadays-very-important bathtub, a single sink with plenty counter space for stuff, and separate toilet and shower which had quite sad water pressure. Toiletries were White Tea Aloe which smelled nice but didn’t do a lot for me.

Turndown includes 2 boxes of good quality chocolates

Breakfast @ Seasonal Taste – For the first time in a long while, I wasn’t the first at breakfast at 745am on a weekday morning. Each table contains an order chit which you can order off and multiple orders of mains are allowed. Once seated, you are given a platter of carbs and fruits. My chosen main of ‘big breakfast’ came within 20mins but was barely passable (fried to death bacon, cheap sausages, and soggy tomatoes). On day 2, my choice of a ham & cheese omelette was better. On day 3, I did the Satu Kosong Kosong Test (I had to come up a USP since TPG has the shower test) and the char kway teow kosong was actually quite nice! But not before the supervisor had to come over to reconfirm my order because its “unusual”. Okay, I understand, really.

Facilities – Heavenly Spa: I hopped down to try the Whirlpool and Steam Room facilities and it was an option of 1.5hr slots every 2 hours (eg 10am-11:30am, 12:00-1:30pm etc), leaving 30mins to disinfect before the next booking starts. Booking is done by calling their Service Express on the in-room phone. The space was….very classy marbled. And gosh was the whirlpool hot. I mean, I did say lukewarm waters at St Regis was not to my liking but these waters could have made an onsen egg. I boiled myself for 10mins before I felt like passing out.

WestinWORKOUT: Floated by to take some pics and it was adequately equipped. Slots are also limited to 90-min slots and is capped at one booking per room per day.

Outdoor Infinity Pool: so much sun so here’s the one picture of it before I started to melt. Slots are also limited to 90-min slots and is capped at one booking per room per day.

Here’s what I used my total of $432 dining credits on over the 4days:

In-Room Dining – [menu] Very reasonably-priced items including wines at $13-$19 per glass. Items are quite passable but St Regis beats them in terms of flavors.

Lobby Lounge – [menu] Grabbed a quick lunch there one day and ordered their atas har cheong chicken wings ($15) and ngoh hiang ($15) and was surprised by the big portions! Slightly on the oily side and flavors were only passable.

Cook & Brew – [menu] Tried dinner-ing here with Happy Hour cocktails – very decent quality and good value especially stacked with Plat Elite’s 20%. Happy Hour wines @ $10nett per glass was perfectly drinkable to me as well!

Their 3-course set lunch @ $38++ was passable but Plat Elite’s 20% was not applicable.

1 hour prior to check out, I still had $72++ to burn…. (I’m quite sure the bartender was forming his own thoughts about this random girl who is blazing through 5 cocktails in 1 hour) ……

**One thing I like about these dining credits is that you get almost real-time updates in your room on your TV under the “Billing” tab if you sign them to your room. You can see your total bill including your room charges under this tab and it refreshes every night. So if your daily dining spend don’t exceed the allocated $100, these items will disappear from the screen the next day. Anything above the allocated quota will remain but showing only the required top up amounts. This does not apply to the Luminous’ USD100 which is settled only at check out **

No, that’s not my face.

Service – Service was a hit & miss during my stay. After coming from St Regis last week where it was mostly polished service, it was a jolt back to ‘regular’ hotel service even though by right, a Westin can’t be too shoddy as well. Mostly times, nothing to complain about but just seems a little unpolished for a business hotel. Though I have to say I really love the Bonvoy app’s chat function – all my random requests were attended to very quickly and was particular useful when I’m feeling anti-social.

Example of a spotty service: One Lobby Lounge staff told me on my weekday lunch time visit that all window seats are fully booked and I have to sit somewhere else, even though the entire space was empty. Thereafter, she said she can let me take one of those seats if I’m not going to be there long as that seat has an upcoming reservation. I asked what time the reservation is so I know when to evacuate myself – she said she doesn’t really know as the reservation is for drinks and sometimes people just come earlier. I actually don’t really understand what that means but okay.

Check Out – Efficiently done at front desk at 4pm on a weekday and my USD100 dining credit was managed with no issues as well.

In summary,

Hands down, the staycay with the most value as I essentially paid $636nett for a 3-night stay inclusive of $432 dining credits. Unbeatable. I would have never thought that the closure of a Club Lounge closure would be a good thing but in this case, it was!

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