[Hotel Review] Andaz Singapore

Grabbed from official site

I have to be honest and say I only booked this due to my Hotelux benefits. This property is so sought after for staycays during this time of non-travel that for a while, staycay crowds here were absolute madness. So while I know the property is really pretty and I’ve eaten here countless times, I never really felt that pull to staycay here. But I eventually pulled the trigger anyways just to check it off.

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[Hotel Review] Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Grabbed from official site

I never thought I would try a Four Seasons. In Singapore especially.

Thanks to my random and very sporadic FOMO phase, I felt I had to check this property out while I still had my Hotelux membership to sweeten the deal. The brand has also felt a little ….elusive (and old) to me, plus they don’t have a loyalty programme and no club lounges. So many reasons to not stay here. Until now.

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[Hotel Review] Orchard Rendezvous Hotel

My 2nd Far East experience this year!

This property was rebranded and relaunched in 2018 from it’s Orchard Parade Hotel identity and the refreshed offerings received rather nice reviews, especially the club lounge. I did remember the old rooms were abit sad. With the low (and sometimes insane) prices on OTAs, I made an impulse booking for the following week and here we go!

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Battle Of The In-Room Dining

I did not know there is a Wiki page on room service. Wah.

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