[Hotel Review] Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Grabbed from official site

I’ve come to this property multiple times for dining or work events but never stayed – because prices are always crazy, particularly so with no club lounge facility. So when the Citi Prestige offer came along @$400nett, a relatively low(er) rate, I decided to book it just to check it off. Time to find out the reason(s) behind the high price tag!

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[Hotel Review] One Farrer Hotel – Mint Premier / Skyline Studio

That green apple

I admit I was curious about this hotel due to its anti-microbial anti-viral stuff which seems to make it a safe choice these days. Past reviews also seem to indicate that its a decent choice and at under $150nett a night and being a “new” hotel, I figured it cant really go too wrong.

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[Hotel Review] The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Grabbed from official site

I’m back to this property after …16 years. Gosh.

I still remember spending NYE at their lobby, having slightly drunken fun with their balloon drop at the stroke of midnight. Ah, those youthful days where I don’t fall asleep before midnight.

It would also be my first stay as an I Prefer Elite so am excited to see what it’ll accord me.

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