[Hotel Review] Parkroyal on Pickering

So this happened.

The backgound was I saw their facebook publish the 5-day long More Joy with Spring promotion some times early Jan which talks about a guaranteed upgrade to the club room. I jumped and clicked on their advertised link but could not find any mention of the upgrade in the process of booking. As it was a non-refundable booking, I didn’t want to take my chances and commented on their post seeking clarification. But I was stone-walled. Up til the last day of the promotion. I decided to use facebook messager to attempt clarification again, and this time I got a response – saying they would check. The next reply from them was that the hotel “is not participating in the gauranteeed club room upgrade” and apologies for the miscommunication. I wrote back to express my disappointment how it was possible that happened – they apologised again and said they can accord a guaranteed club upgrade for my booking.

So yup. It does not take alot to convince me when a Club Lounge is involved. Yays.

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