[Hotel Review] Kesa House (The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood)

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** Is it time for small space jokes yet?

Kesa has been on my radar since the last few months because it is such a unique property, plus in an area where I’ve been hanging out more frequently for food and hair. Having a night here will allow me to explore the neighbourhood without having to rush elsewhere or worry about parking. After shuffling some of my other stays around due to the recently (re)implemented Phase 2 Heightened Alert Phase where no dine-in is allowed, I found a cool rate on Trip.com and figured there’ll be minimal impact to the stay experience since it does not offer any F&B.

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[Hotel Review] Oakwood Premier AMTD

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This Oakwood has been on my radar since my staycay binge started, but never a priority due to lack of incentives from a good loyalty programme plus average prices which doesn’t shout ‘great deal!’. But a recent Trip.com promo triggered that impulse and my booking was done fast & furious for yet another weekday stay.

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[Hotel Review] Mandarin Oriental

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My first Mandarin Oriental experience!

Akin to Four Seasons, staying in a Mandarin Oriental has never crossed my mind for some reason. Perhaps the loyalty programme, Fans of M.O, also never had a very strong positioning in my opinion. But 2021 is the year to try everything that hasn’t crossed my mind, isn’t it?

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[Hotel Review] The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore – Terrace Room

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I’ve finally pulled the trigger on this one.

Apart from the fact that I work nearby and hence locale is nothing exciting to me, I’ve always consciously avoid properties which does not have a club lounge or accord any elite benefits (alcohol please?). But since I was embarking on a staycation binge, how can I miss what is supposedly the best staycation breakfast ever?

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