[Lounge Review] Star Alliance Lounge, Charles de Gaulle Airport

After a whirlwind trip of 2 cities, I was ready to go home!

On the day of depart, I was informed that there were strikes by some airport workers and advised to go earlier. With SQ counters opening 3.5 hours prior to flight in view of that, I plotted to arrive 4hours ahead which turned out to be the right strategy. In case its useful for anyone, tax refund took another 30mins including manual checks at the counter for one of my stash, and off I went to check in exactly at the 3.5 hours mark.

With Business class boarding pass in hand, I also received what they call “Acces N1” – this is printed on your boarding pass – and this allows you to fast track all the way (getting into immigration, customs, security etc) skipping the sometimes-snaking queues which is a godsend given how busy the airport was.

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[Hotel Review] Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador

Again, over-researching led me to this property for its offering of location, an Executive Lounge, and decently new rooms. After a somewhat underwhelming Eurostar experience, I couldn’t wait to settle in soonest to check out the city as I only had 2 full days in the city..

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[Train Review] Eurostar London to Paris – Business Premier

My virgin Eurostar experience!

Their website says it all – it’s like pointy end of the train, with fast track immigration, lounge access, and 3-course meal with champagne on board. Why not.

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[Hotel Review] St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Picked to move from Park Lane to this for a one-nighter because the property is so historic and honestly looks so impressive – just look at that architecture! But alas, it turned out to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

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[Trip Report] The FOMO Trip

To be perfectly honest, SQ’s announcement of devaluation last year was the cause of this trip. The things I do, hah.

So with the intent of “faster redeem” before the devaluation dateline in 2022, plus sage advice from fellow peeps, it was decided that I will do Singapore-London + Paris-Singapore on Business, with Eurostar covering the transit between the 2 cities. With immediate availability found for May 2023, the redemption was ticketed and ready to go.

But a potential work trip came along which would have clashed, and the commencement of Bonvoy’s double elite nights promotion spurred me enough to scout for availability to change up the trip.

And with that, I was ready to go on a ‘whirlwind’ 8-night tour of two cities in one sitting.

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