[Hotel Review] Grand Park Cityhall

This is my first reivew of a hotel without actually spending the night there. But I think I have a decent amount of info to warrant a write.

So my mum decided to pilot us for a staycation over the CNY holidays with her friends (no judgement!) and the hotel was pre-selected as her friends had already booked rooms there. So I was helping her to book her designated rate of $264++ for a Deluxe room with brekafast for 2pax when I saw that the price for a Cystal Club Deluxe room is offered at $314++. $50 difference for 2pax for lounge access is a super good deal! So I paid the difference so they get the club benefits during the stay and me + bro get to have dinner during the cocktail hours at the lounge that evening since nothing else other than fast food options is open on CNY day 1 anyways.

Here’s an interesting nugget of info – the hotel actually has their own mobile app for guests. I mean, I’m not sure how many people will download an app just for their stay but it is still nonetheless an indication of an old school industry embracing technology and digitizing a guest’s experience. For me, I much prefer the old school way where not everything is intertwined. But that’s me. Auntie mentality. Haha.


Grand Park app
Grabbed from hotel site

More than just having the newest guest rooms and facilities, we debuted a fully-customised mobile application, along with new technological enhancements that aim to make your stay with us a seamless one.

Read more here.

PRICE – The stay was $314++ booked under the Advanced Purchase promotion, totalling $369 after the ++.

ADDRESS – 10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809. Tel: +65 63363456. Website.

LOCATION – Entrance to the property is more visible from Hill Street rather than the busier North Bridge Road. The main entrance is along Coleman Street, and you enter into a small-ish lobby fronted by one desk with a staff, then you realized the main lobby is on level 3. On the public transport front, it is easily a 3min walk from Cityhall MRT which pretty much brings you to anywhere in Singapore with ease. But the immediate neighbouring streets can feel a little messy due to it being ‘little Burma’.

CHECK IN LOBBY – the lobby proper is located on level 3 and feels smallish due to the rectangular layout of the space. 2 desk fronted by 2 lovely ladies and the lobby is kind of fused with the bar as well as Tablescape, their restaurant.

ROOM – My mum’s Crystal Club Deluxe Twin (28-30 SqM), Room 1009, feels smaller than the advertized size but I can’t figure out why. A bench sofa and rollie table replaces the conventional in-room sofa and work desk. 2 comfy looking twin beds and plenty of ports for charging etc. Bathroom is adequately sized and very clean.

CRYSTAL CLUB – ah the highlight of my review. Although one of the smaller and more traditional-feeling (was it the dark tones?) club lounges I’ve seen, seatings which are a mix of sofas and regular tables are spread out quite evenly, with a F&B island in the middle. I did think the TV arrangements are abit odd – the only 2 TVs are placed at 2 opposite corners of the space and have tables directly in front of them. This means whoever wants to watch TV will have to pick a carefully angled spot or risk being stared at by others throughout.

Cocktail hours of 6-8pm was a good showing I thought – what they lack in quantity they made up for in quality. There were cheeses, breads, cold appetisers, desserts, fruits, and several hot dishes plated individually in the steamers / warmers – all rather tasty and could make up a satisfying dinner if you so wish. You also have your usual wines, spirits, and prosecco and cocktails if you ask nicely. Coffee (nespresso) and TWG tea of course is available throughout.

Throughout the 2 hours, we only ever saw 1 gentleman staffing the lounge. But maybe because there were only 2 other tables occupied at any one time (who goes to club lounges on CNY Day 1?), he was super attentive and was quick to clear used plates and refill stuff where necessary. A combination of attentive, efficient, and polite service never fails to impress me.

FACILITIES – I popped by the swimming pool in the afternoon and it looked rather busy. But it was nice that they tried to have this spot look very resort-ish with the black pavillions and all that. It is better that you take reference of how it looks from the hotel site when there is nobody frolicking around.

Grand Park pool
Grabbed from the property’s website

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS – Park Hotel has never managed to garner much attention from me for some reason, maybe because their positioning is rather vague and they probably need a very strong campaign to cement their hold in the ultra competitive landscape.

If it is due to the lack of a loyalty programme (looking at you too, Far East), they’ve just launched Park Rewards where every dollar earns you one Park$ and comes with no expiry as long as there is one activity every 12months – dining earnings included. It remains to be seen if I will pay more attention to the group due to this much-needed change.

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