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There is always a reason to adopt a new staycation isn’t it?

It didn’t take long for me to decide to book this despite having my weekly staycay slots full til Dec at the point of writing this. The reshuffling of some plans were done in mock frustration but hey anything to try out a new property with a good deal.

Address – 23 Beach View, Palawan Ridge, #01-01, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098679. Website.

Contact – Tel: +65 6818 3388. Email: reseasy@fareast.com.sg.

Price – $588nett for a Premier Room booked under their opening special promo Oasian Escape which includes the below – its not cheap by absolute amount but with the inclusions (hello Lululemon yoga mat!) the deal is not too bad! The deal was snapped up very quickly and the rate was later adjusted to $688nett for the same inclusions so fastest fingers win!

Location – This used to be the old Le Meridien Sentosa, and before that the Movenpick hotel but barely any refurb between these 2 periods. I’ve stayed when it was still a Movenpick for work purposes and found it functional but hardly luxury. The location suited tourists though as it right at the Sentosa Merlion, with easy access to Imbiah monorail station (free access to and from Vivocity station).

Pre-arrival – I first received a arrival email from Oasia Spa about 2 weeks to make arrangements for the treatments included in my package and they were flexible enough for me to have 2 different massages as I was solo and did not prefer facials. A appointment confirmation was sent shortly thereafter too.

About 1 week prior, I received another email from the front desk for the rest of my stay including the pre-arrivla form, booking of recreational activities, spa, and limo transfer which they were flexible in allowing me to enjoy that as a departure ride as I didn’t need a pick up. My choice of wellness goal was Refuel and was excited to see what that entails. I did think that the email could have been segmented instead of one entire wall of text which made it a little hard to get through.

Check In – I arrived to an empty lobby on a weekday 1:30pm and was attended to immediately. But first, entering the property from the main lobby is quite a experience for me – it was my first time stepping in from the Movenpick era and the refurbishment of the public spaces blew me away!

Check in here is a sit down process and I was brought through all my details including the activities booked for and departure limo transfer (driver details will be sent to you one day prior). I was served a cold wet towel and a cup of refreshing rooibos Recharge Tea (this tea is served regardless of your choice of wellness goal), and also able to convert my $100 Lululemon Yoga Mat to dining credits to be used at Bedrock Origins – yays to more eating!

I also later realized post-stay I was upgraded to the Junior Suite which was not highlighted at check in.

The process was very attentive and extremely welcoming, though there was a slight issue with my rate as they wanted to charge me $688nett instead of my $588nett. They requested for me to send the confirmation email showing the $588 rate to them and the issue was quickly clarified.

Key cards here gives off a resorty vibe too.

Even the lift lobby feels fancy!

Room – I was escorted to my Premier Suite (40SqM), 264, and a quick induction was given. I’ve seen plenty of photos but I liked the space so much better in person! The space is neatly divided into a living area with its own TV, the main bedroom and WFHotel area, and the wardrobe + bathroom area. Each space feels spacious on its own and actually feels more like a suite rather than a non-suite category.

The living area is a rather dimly lit area containing a comfy 2-seater sofa with a coffee table and a smart TV facing these. The welcome amenity corresponding to your wellness goal is also placed here – the team was flexible enough to replace the coconut waters with mixed nuts upon request. I also found the 2 little mirror ornaments on the wall a cute reminder of its resorty vibe.

The main bedroom area takes up half of the 40SqM and faces the interior surroundings of the building with a slanted view of the gorgeous pool.

On one end of the long-ish space is the min bar and WFHotel spot, alongside a non-swivel smart TV. There is the nowadays-quintessential coffee machine (Lavazza) and tea bags by Pryce Tea (according to your choice of wellness goal), the stalwart tea partner of Far East Hospitality which you can enjoy by making use of the kettle. The mini bar is equipped with 2 bottles of still and sparkling waters which is refilled during housekeeping.

The WFHotel spot is a reasonable height table alongside a rather uncomfy chair not meant for long siting hours – powerpoints are not an issue though. This spot is also right in front of the bedroom TV so I found it a better arrangement to watch the living area TV instead if I needed to be on my laptop.

The bed equipped with 2 bedside tables is located at the ‘far’ end of this stretch – seems so far from the TV at first glance but actually, its not that bad. The bed is the firm type which suits me very well so I had quite a good sleep – no noise and light issues as I had an even numbered room (the odd number ones faces the monorail side of Sentosa). On one side is the lighting and blind / curtain controls which worked well.

Right beside the bedroom is the open-concept wardrobe leading into the spacious bathroom area. The wardrobe is typical and I was glad to have a luggage rack space for my barangs.

The bathroom is quite spacious with a single sink but plenty of countertop space, a fancy bathtub, a semi-enclosed toilet area, and a separate shower space. No complaints except that the sliding doors for the toilet and shower do not fully close and for me was an issue as water would seep out during showers. Toiletries are Biology brand which was decent.

I also later realized that there could be cracks in the fixing of the bathtub as water seeped out onto the floors after a soak, crossing over to the toilet floors. It’s not a deal breaker but quite odd for a relatively new property. I informed the front desk of this problem at check out and was told they would look into it.

Turndown service at this property, other than the usual drawing of curtains and refreshing of room, includes a little tea set for you to use with your tea bags. I was motivate enough to try it and it was a fun change from my coffee runs.

Breakfast – Served at Bedrock Origin from 7:00am – 10:30am, with slots every half hour slots bookable via the front desk. The space itself is quite pretty with plenty of natural lights and indoor and outdoor seating for your selection. I didn’t quite get shots of the space itself as it was constantly busy during the times I visited so do refer to their website proper here.

I picked the 8:00am slot on both mornings and was explained that it would be one main course per pax with a set of sides (fruit bowl, juice, and coffee/tea) to be served. I decided on the Hearty on my first morning which was meh for me, so I decided to go with Nasi Lemak kosong for my second – and it was great! (I’ve heard great things about the Barramundi Congee as well so perhaps local flavours are the way to go here?). Coffee was from Oriole which was thankfully not as acidic as I feared. Service was mostly great too.

Facilities – Located on the lobby level is the Wellness Lounge where Pryce tea and dehydrated fruits can be served upon request. Inside this space is also the hotel’s own hydroponic green wall where Bedrock Origins makes full use of.

The Fitness Centre is also located on the lobby level and is a small-ish space but seems adequate for a quick workout.

The Pool is actually alot more gorgeous in person! Peppered by semi-soaked sunbeds along one side of it’s length, the long-ish pool is quite sufficient to get your laps in and the water is actually quite nicely warm in the evening which was so nice.

In-room workout – thee are also a couple of options to workout in the privacy of your room: iPads with Les Mills on Demand and Lululemon yoga mats are available for loan, and yoga and meditation videos are available from both TVs. This is such a nice feature which I wish all 5-star hotels would replicate!

There is also an area adjacent to the lobby that looks like it can be a very nice WFHotel spot.

Bedrock Origins Dining (menu) – I burned my $100 credits over 2 lunches and due to the in-house 20% discount (15% for dinner), I was able to sample a few things with a small top-up: Kingfish Sashimi ($32), King Crab Cake ($32), three glasses of Chevalier Blanc De Blancs ($13), and finally a Joseph Perrier Cuvee Royale Brut ($25). Complimentary flatbread, butter, and an absolutely delicious clove of roasted garlic is also served to you. The food was divine and I’d come back again just to dine.

Oasia Spa (website) – the spa is also located on the lobby level and has a nice cosy reception with their signature KOTOSHINA range on display alongside other products. I was already by first name when I stepped in which was nice, and invited to sit down to complete my consultation form and served my choice of hot or cold tea. 5mins later, I was escorted into my treatment room, passing through a very fancy walkway and their relaxation lounge (zero gravity chairs!) where you can chill before or after your treatment.

Scalp and Foot Massage (60mins) – “For mental clarity and relaxation, optional with oil or dry. This scalp massage increases blood circulation to the head to relieve tension, relax the mind and helps to strengthen hair roots. This revitalising Slow Beauty Ritual relieves and rejuvenates tired feet. A scented salt soak softens and re-mineralises. Next, ease into a relaxing massage of the feet. A deeply hydrating foot balm completes this ritual. Choose between Jasmine Tuberose and Geranium Cedarwood scent stories. Includes Foot soak, Foot massage, Hydration”.

This began with a foot soak/scrub by the super attentive masseur and she started with the foot massage followed by the scalp (dry massage for me). The fleece blanket was super warm and comforting and the entire thingy was so relaxing that I fell asleep soon after. A packet of dehydrated fruits and a cup of tea was served post-treatment which always feels nice.

Oasia Signature Massage (60mins) – “Designed for city dwellers who find it difficult to relax, this deep relaxation massage releases tension and muscular pain with a unique blend of Asian techniques – Thai, Shiatsu and Indian. Your spa therapist will help you pick the right massage oil – crafted with essential oils – through a sensory test. Before the massage, you will be able to personalise your experience by deciding on your area of focus and preferred pressure. We will also start with an Indian head massage and guide you in special breathing techniques to ease you into deeper relaxation”.

This began with a sensory experience to determine your choice of massage oil, and the small but mighty masseur worked her fingers into my knots so enthusiastically I was surprised that I crashed despite the ach-y experience. Fleece blanket still rocks. And this time, I was able to enjoy a spot in the Relaxation Lounge after my treatment – complete with the same warm fleece blanket, dehydrated fruits which came plated this time, and tea.

Service at the spa was great – they even remembered I had expressed interest in the KOTOSHINA Green Tea range and had the masseur create a little sampling before my treatment began. The price list sits with the staff instead of on display so you’ll have to ask for it if you wish to purchase any – I did, though I would have bought more if there were discounts for in-house guests.

Recreational Activities (schedule) there are several fun activities to sign up for during your stay, with more choices during weekends. For my weekday stay, I tried the below two:

  • Balm Making (10am-11am @ Wellness Lounge)
  • Aqua Zumba (5pm-6pm @ Pool)

The balm making was really fun and the super gentle instructor guided us patiently through the process until we walked away happily with a little pot of balm (eucalyptus and bergamot for me) of our own.

The Aqua Zumba session was my first and as someone religiously doing GRIIT and BodyCombat, I didn’t expect the session to give me a muscle burn at all! Kudos to the super enthu instructor for teaching these noobs the moves which I executed with the grace of a dugong. A staff is also on standby to serve a refreshing cup of tea after your workout which was a nice touch.

I eventually ended up cancelling the Sunset Yoga (6pm-7pm @ Outdoor Deck) and UFIT Burn (7-8pm @ Outdoor Deck) in favor of a repeat aqua zumba session but they must be quite fun too! But the aqua zumba was later cancelled due to wet weather which was a bummer, so I super appreciated them replacing the session with in-door high high intensity cardio which I enjoyed tremendously even though I was the ONLY person in attendance.

Service – Stellar service all round – Shane, Freida, Bernard and Peiyi from front desk; Mary and Meet from breakfast; Alicia, Cheryl, and Linda from the Spa, and Halim at the door. And many others whom names I didn’t manage to catch. Everyone had ready smiles and was really genuine in making your stay as comfy as possible. Far East Hospitality must be training these guys right!

Check Out – Completed at 4pm on a weekday with no fuss – I was given a final check of my bill to sign, asked if I prefer the $100 return voucher to be a stay or spa voucher (stay!), and told the folio and the $100 return voucher will be emailed to me. I glided home in style in the fanciest Vellfire ever. Bliss.

In Summary,

I really enjoyed my 3 days at this wellness resort! The abundance of activities, loan of workout equipment, and workout classes made it so easy to pepper the stay with interesting experiences which I constantly look forward to. Top that off with a great room and stellar service – you have a winning combination. The service reminds me a lot of my Clan Hotel experience – a stellar team curated to enhance the service element of your stay so much you’d want to return. AND I DO.

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