[Hotel Review] The Club Residence by Capella – 3 Bedroom Suite

Had the opportunity to be stay-in on-site for a corporate event for 5 days. Woo-hoo! Courtesy of my management, I was assigned to be with 2 other team mates in the Club Residence instead of the main hotel blocks. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be really excited or what, but nonetheless, yays to free stay.

Address – 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297. Tel: +65 6377 8888. Website.

Price – Free, ahem, at least for me. But on Air B&B, it is retailing for almost $3,000 a night! Cough cough. The luxury that high SES pple have.

3 Bedroom Suite – at 222SqM, its a huge space. My current house is 86SqM and also sleeps 3pax – think about that. And so the space is divided into 1 gigantic master King bedded bedroom + 1 big ass bathroom compelte with a wardrobe area, 1 second King bedded bedroom with an adequately-sized bathroom + 1 third twin bedded bathroom with also an an adequately-sized bathroom. And then a colossal living room made up of lounge worthy sofas, a dining area, and a fully functional kitchenette with a wasing machine / dryer area. A completely wasted space for the 5days we were there.

A/c can be individually adjusted so that’s a plus.

Although a huge space, I do feel that somehow the residences feel abit dated, maybe due to all the wood that’s going on. Wear and tears were visible, and it affected the atas feeliing, at least for me. In comparison, their lead-in rooms hovering at 60SqM felt spanking new and more “modern”.

Would it be worth its price tag if I were to pay my own? If I am earning $300,000 a month, sure.

Amenities – I just wanted to rant about how nice the the Aesop toiletries were / are! Or maybe its the constant ac? My hair was nicely obedient throughout the event. We had such good chemistry that I checked out the Aesop boutique to see if I can afford it on a daily basis. At $67 for a 500ml bottle, I concluded I couldn’t.

2018-10-14 12.46.47-2

Breakfast @ Knolls – I just realized I dont have any pics of the breakfast spread. Haha. The things sleep deprivation do to you. But I remember it is not the biggest spread I’ve seen (that still belongs to Pan Pacific Singapore’s Edge), but more than adequate for the first meal of the day, even for Keto beginners like me. Yays to copious amounts of bacon, eggs, sausages, cheeses! They also have a ala carte menu you can order from, plus a daily special which ranged from prata, crepes, waffles on the days I was there. One cute thing is they like to etch their Capella brand on stuff indeed – on their coffee art, their pancakes, and even young coconuts. You’ll defnitely not forget you are dining at Capella no matter how sleep deprived you are.

Service – Perhaps not relevant but the banquet ops team were incredible. Efficient, faultlessly polite, organized, and very very on the ball. Buggy service for the suite were a little more haphazard – one urgent request never came and I had to ran 10mins to the ballroom. Yes, I literally ran. So much for being unglam at events.

Ending thoughts:

Capella has managed to maintain its high SES status due to its unique location and well-run team of staff. I’m still not a very colonial-esque person but I can see why people would want to celebrate special occassions here. But if on my own budget, maybe it’llt take more than the Aesop toiletries to convince me.

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