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Always thought that this was a rather interesting Marriott property but always never ventured near enough to trying due to the very limited elite benefits offered but like a broken record, 2021 is the year I try (almost) everything.

Address – 320 Havelock Road, Robertson Quay, Singapore 169628. Website.

Contact – Tel: +65 68280000. Email: reservations@thewarehousehotel.com.

Price – I redeemed one of my Free Night Award from the Marriott Bonvoy Targeted Promotion for properties up to 35,000 points for a Warehouse Sanctuary (27SqM) but some test searches shows that prices fluctuate between $250 = $300ish.

Pre-arrival – there was no arrival email so I reached out to clarify on Titanium benefits and got the below repsonse which then includes some information useful for the stay:

Specifically for Titanium benefits mentioned in the email (link), its a shame that only the points accrual are confirmed where the rest of it are subject to availability.

Check In – the lobby was suitably crowded even for a weekday 1:30pm but check in counter was empty and I was attended to immediately. Process was quick and I was bummed that there were no further upgrades as the property was full. But also pleasantly surprised that I was given a cute welcome drink token to redeem at the bar – I believe house wines and selected cocktails are on the list.

I have to say that the lobby is actually quite nice with super high ceilings and draped in a classy industrial chic theme.

There is also a little nook of cosy space further in which doubles up as a private event space.

Room – Finally stepping into my Warehouse Sanctuary (24SqM) after an one hour wait was a nice respite. At first look, the room is dressed in similar industrial chic colors and feels much bigger than its advertised size.

A very comfortable king bed occupies the centre of this space, flanked by 2 low bedside tables with its own lighting controls. On one side is your on-house phone, and on the other is a very fancy Bang & Olufsen bluetooth speaker.

Laid out beside the bed in one corner is a basket containing a welcome note and 2 pineapple tarts by local brand, The Crown Estate which was quite nice!

This space faces a huge smart TV with a small desk + chair in front which can be used for additional space for your random stuff, or a WFHotel spot. As a WFHotel spot, this space has 2 powerpoints for use but the chair is not meant for working out from due to its incompatibility with the desk’s height. Alongside this is an open concept wardrobe with luggage rack space – the drawers below this is where you’ll find bedroom slippers and hairdryer.

The bathroom is sort of open concept and actually very spacious. The single sink comes with plenty of countertop space, the non-bidet toilet is as it should be, and the standing shower space has great water pressure. Everything is visible at one glance due to the design so I’m afraid multi-tasking is not possible here. Toiletries are big pump bottles of Ashely & Co which was quite nice (but boo to not being able to accidentally bring some home)!

I do have to talk about the bathroom (non)door design – the sliding glass panel separating the bedroom space from this is see-through so the entire space is visible from the bedroom. You have blinds for use but the controls only allow for the blinds to be completely up or down. This means if you leave the blinds up by default, there is no privacy to do anything in the bathroom and everytime you want to go to the toilet, you have to activate the blinds and wait for them to come down completely before you do your stuff. Conversely, you can also choose to have the blinds down by default but will have to weave past the flaps in-and-out. And also timing the closing / opening of the sliding panel properly. Design is cute, that’s for sure, but I’m really not sure about the practicality of things.

The Mini bar here is erm …..interesting. Let me get the boring part out of the way and say there is no coffee machine (a shame for a hotel of this calibre) – so you’ll get coffee drip & tea bags, complete with a fancy kettle. A nondescript mini bar stack sits on the platform, and below it is the usual cups, glassware etc.

Here comes the interesting part: the mini bar stack also sandwiches a hidden compartment of amorous items including condoms, a whip, and a peacock feather (?!). The adventurous types will definitely find it fun exploring but watch out for the prices too!

Breakfast – There is no complimentary breakfast for Bonvoy elites so I was quoted $40++ for 2pax at check in ($42++ per pax if walk-in). Served at Po Restaurant from 8am – 10:30am, we walked into the super pretty space at 8+am on a weekday and was only the second table (crowds starting streaming in at 9am onwards).

The menu is served as an ala carte buffet basis so you can order as much as you like – I was hoping to try some Nasi Lemak and Laksa but shucks.

We ended up trying the Hearty English Breakfast, Selection of Cheese, Smoked Salmon from the Assorted Cold Cuts, and a fresh young coconut (yays). Coffee was great, and so was service.

Facilities – I didn’t expect and didn’t know they have a pool but there is a nice cosy (but very hot) pool on level 2 – in-house guests need to book their time even if just visiting for photo taking and access requires your keycard. The rectangular pool is flanked by a few sun beds + high chairs and enjoys a view of the neighbourhood. I assume it probably would make quite a good chilling spot if the weather is not blazing hot.

Service – The gentleman in the lobby receiving guests was quite nice and Heidi at check in was quite sweet. But I do have to mention that I arrived at 1:30pm and told that 2pm is the official check in time ad I’ll get a call once my room is ready. Which was fine. So I sat in the lobby, sipping my glass of white, and got some work done. 2:30pm rolled by and no call yet. I had a long work call to take at 3pm so I trotted over to the front desk to enquire – and was told that my room is actually ready. Eh? I said I didn’t get a call as promised and was told that oh they were just informed – which I find hard to believe as I had observed them chatting with each other for a good amount of time during my wait.

But otherwise, the rest of the stay was rather pleasant.

Check Out – We manage to get a late check out at 2pm and it was completed painlessly.

In Summary,

I was happy that this was a redemption stay and with the breakfast top up, everything was fair value. Not so sure about paying cash premiums but happy to check this off my list! Definitely a pretty property to try – I mean look at this pic!

[And with this, I have ended my 2021 staycation binge!!]

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