[Hotel Review] Swissotel The Stamford – Stamford Crest Suite

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I’m back again!

After my awesome stay just 1month ago and the impending expiry of my Accor Suite Night Awards, I figured this is the best property to burn off 2 out of 3 Awards – and I did say I’d be back to the Stamford Crest Suite right? Heh.

This review will also focus on the room more than anything else as most remains unchanged since my past stay only 1 month+ ago.

Address – 2 Stamford Road Singapore 178882. Website.

Contact – Tel: +65 6338 8585. Email: singapore-stamford@swissotel.com

Price – $1,126++ for 2nights = $1,326nett for a Stamford Crest Suite (price is technically for an Executive Habour View King but upgraded using my SNA). Not exactly cheap as per say but given the fact that the suite usually costs the same for just 1 night, I figured ah wells, YOLO. I was also doing the Accor Plus Fast Track challenge for Platinums where this stay will net me 20 elite nights so yay?

Grabbed from website

The suite has your usual inclusions (below) but the most valuable (unspoken) perk for me is the champagne that is only accorded to Crest Stamford Suite guests:

  • Dedicated check-in and check-out area
  • Private balcony
  • Panoramic views of the city or Marina Bay (subject to availability)
  • En-suite bathroom with built-in television
  • Turndown service
  • Complimentary wireless high speed Internet access
  • Exclusive access to Level 65 Lounge
  • Exclusive access to Fitness Centre at Level 65

Rescheduling – On the day this stay was supposed to happen, I developed a sudden medical condition and had to head to the hospital. The front desk and room reservations team were both super accommodating and understanding of my predicament and allowed me to reschedule at the same rate while honoring my Suite Night Awards.

Pre-arrival – A pre-arrival email was sent one day prior on my original dates, but nothing for the new dates. But I did call on the morning to ask for early check in and was told 11am is possible which was great but I was hopping over from Vibe Hotel so I ended up only arriving past 12pm.

Check In – the lobby was very lively when I walked in so I requested to be buzzed up to Level 65 for my check in. Clarence from my last stay recognized me and escorted me up while we had a somewhat amusing conversation about how I am back ‘again’. Hah.

At Level 65, I was left in the good hands of Wan and Renan to complete my check-in and all was good – I was not even asked for my ID. And no issues with charging the card on file for the deposit as I did not have any physical credit card on me. I was also again briefed on the benefits including welcome drinks redemption options.

Room – I was escorted to my Stamford Crest Suite, 6450, which is one floor below Level 65 and is accessible via a spiral staircase (yays to sprinting up for champagne!).

Even though I’ve stalked countless reviews of this Suite, I was still blown away when I stepped in. This 87SqM of space is absolutely breathtaking! It’s one of those Suites where a video does much more justice to the atas luxury space than photos can do – room tour video is available on my IG – Satu Kosong Travel Blog but for this space, try to use your imagination!

The blockish layout of the Suite meant each section is neatly compartmentalized with sliding doors to close off each space as desired. The same living room-esque theme is also present here, with a lot of the potentially cold spaces dressed up to resemble an atas living space. I like.

The door opens to a half bathroom to the left which is plenty sufficient for guests, and a rack space + umbrella to the right which to useful to stash keys etc when entering or leaving the room.

Right before you thereafter is the super gorgeous living room where a few features are in:

A length of couch enough for a family with many many throw pillows, with a generously-sized coffee table where a welcome letter and fruit platter awaits.

Opposite this length is a giant 65″ mounted TV with a rather decent (but underused) work desk + chair beside it. TV channels were a plenty but the remote control for the TV seemed wonky and would only work on and off.

The mini bar is also located in this space by the side, featuring TWG teabags, a Nespresso machine with accompanying capsules, glassware, and a fully stocked (but not free) fridge. I love how generous they are with bottled water – I counted 8!

Straddling this and the bedroom is the super generous wardrobe space where the usual necessities like the ironing board, hair dryer, slippers, laundry bag etc can be found. There is also a luggage storage area in the corner which I found useful to place my duffel bag. This is accessible from both the living area and the bedroom which makes it super convenient.

The bedroom is a similarly stunning space. You get a huge King bed with more than sufficient bedside tables space with lighting controls and powerpoints, At the end of the bed is an ottoman which can be used for whatever need be.

This all faces another 65″ TV – the remote works fine here! There is also a single purple lounge chair placed here which is super pretty – BUT my routine wipedown turned up a gag of hair + leftover chips from the interior edge. Yeesh. I mentioned this to Level 65 and asked for one more round of thorough cleaning which was duly completed while I was out.

And then there is the bathroom – the star of which is the bathtub sitting right next to the glass pane which allows for some TV while soaking! There is of course a blind which can be lowered for privacy.

There is also a double sink (yays) with plenty of countertop space and amenities, plus more towels than one or two pax could possibly use for a 2-nighter.

The shower and toilet here is interestingly the smaller spaces here – and for those who care, the toilet comes with a fully automated bidet but…….no door. Hah.

Toiletries are the usual Purovel ones in big pump bottles. And I have to say…..Raiya toothpaste are still weird for me. Whyyyy.

In terms of views, both the living area and the bedroom accords sweeping views of the very photogenic neighbourhood – including MBS, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, JW Marriott South Beach and erm some road traffic.

Day & Night curtains in the living and bedroom can be controlled on wall-mounted panels easily and in fact cannot be manually drawn even if you wanted to. I tried.

In terms of productivity, multiple powerpoints can be found throughout the Suite but some ports are USB only so tough luck for the Apple people with USBC (like me).

Soon after settling in, I received a call from Eddy, Director of Guest Relations for the property. She gave a very enthusiastic “welcome back!” and proceeded to touch on the availability of champagne for Stamford Crest guests: she highlighted that the offer of bubbles can sometimes invite requests/questions from other non-Stamford Crest guests in Level 65 when seated outside of the Crest Lounge and offered to serve a bottle to my room instead if I prefer. I declined as I prefer to enjoy it in the Lounge and in fact really had no issues sitting in the Crest Lounge to help mitigate the issue. She also highlighted that a subset of the F&B used to be set up in the Crest Lounge pre-Covid but they no longer do that now and I’d have to walk to the main area to get my nosh. Funny how she has to mention it though of course it was an attentive headsup – I cannot imagine anyone having an issue with that unless they are physically challenged or injured.

Later that evening, a bottle of white wine (welcome amenity) and a Swissotel cow appeared on the coffee table alongside an apology note from housekeeping about the hair issue. Nice touch 🙂

I do have to say though, I was slightly thrown off by 2 things:

  • The remote control in the living area was working on & off and I called for assistance saying that it could be a battery issue. A staff later appeared at my door with a stash of new batteries and went off. I was actually expecting the staff to help check and if indeed it was a battery issue – to change it. I thought that is expected from a 5-star property, especially for Suite guest – but I guess not? I ended up not changing the battery as I couldn’t wrangle the battery compartment open.
  • I was unable to connect to Chromecast on both TVs – I keep getting an error message – so I called for assistance and…. was told that the property doesn’t provide Chromecast. Then why have this as an option on your TVs in the first place?

Executive Lounge – Level 65 is still as fantastic as my awesome stay but the KPI for me this time is the Crest Lounge – the exclusive section reserved solely for Stamford Crest Suite guests (and Presidential Suite I assume). Got some nice(r) pics versus my last stay so here goes!

[Side note: the lounge was extremely busy during evening cocktails so I was super glad that I had the Crest Lounge to hide in this time!]

The spread for evening cocktails this time are largely similarly to what I saw last time – mussels, prawn wanton, carbs, cheeses, salads, desserts. Sufficient variety and quality to make for a nice dinner as always.

But I was there for the bubbles! Laurent Pierre was the choice of pour and after serving glass by glass, they gave up and placed the entire bottle in an ice bucket tableside. Okay, I’m semi kidding – I actually asked for the bottle to take pics with and they ended up not taking it away. Not complaining!

By the time the 2nd evening rolled around, they asked if I would like the bottle tableside as per the day before. Heh.

Breakfast – same spread, same quality, same quantity. There were a few changeups including creamed mushrooms, siew mai and char siew pau on the 2nd morning.

Service – Stellar service from Eddy, Wan, Renan, Zai, Clarence, Zhi Qi – and everyone else I encountered. All smiles, professionally efficient, and nothing is too much trouble. The hotel must be doing their staff training right!

Check Out – painlessly completed at Level 65 at 3+pm on a weekday ~

In Summary,

One of my more luxurious staycay escapade and with the consistently stellar service, I am fast becoming a Swissotel Stamford convert. Huge huge fan of Level 65 – but I wish they’d serve afternoon tea!

Planning for Habour Suite 2 months later!

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