Ramblings of a hotel fusspot

Wait, I am not fussy about hotels as in the I-need-to-be-treated-like-a-queen way. But I definitely am fussy. About erm most things haha. I hope I am not alone in this.

The sole reason why I hated chalets was because of the grimy / sandy floors, the thing that they call a bed, icky bedsheets, and god-knows-how-long-it-has-gone-uncleaned toilets. I mean, I love the bonding spirit and all – but I think bonding happens better for me when I’m actually in a nice clean place.

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[Hotel Review] Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore

I was stalking for staycation options for a weekend in September when Accor decided to have their bi-annual Private Sale! 40% off was really hard to resist and I’ve been wanting to try Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore, the only Mercure in Singapore. I’ve tried Mercures in Melbourne, Bangkok, Phuket, and Beijing – all not bad at all! And so it was booked for 26-27 September and we were all set!

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[Hotel Review] Mandarin Orchard Singapore

(my first actual post. Yay!)

We have been trying to arrange a getaway of sorts with Kong & the gang for eons. After all, the last was.. 2009 (6 years ago *gasp*). Plus we were getting a bit tired of weekend potlucks that was limited to 3 hours-ish.

So we talked about staycations – the perfect idea for a quick break without having to deal with passports and customs for 6 adults and 3 young tots. Then comes along one fine day when I saw Mandarin Orchard’s facebook post in my newsfeed – SG50 Special Singapore Staycation deals at 50% off! After sounding like a naggy mother chasing after availability for days, the dates were fixed for 15-16 August hehe.

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