[Lounge Review] SilverKris Lounge, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

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To say my inaugural SilverKris Lounge experience was disappointing is an understatement.

I was rather excited about visiting right up to when I was actually there. I mean, its Singapore Airlines. It’s business class, where you pay quite a penny to fly in that luxurious seat where you don’t have to fight for elbow space with a fellow passenger.

Location – Terminal 2, Level 3, North Wing, Unit 036-133 (nearer to Gate E)

Opening Hours – 24- hour

I mean with so many airlines covering pre-flight / land experience (Qatar, Emirates, Cathy), you’d expect a giant like Singapore Airlines to want to be on par with the competition. Right?


After a very meh check in experience at the biz counter where a bored attendant checked me in, I made my way excitedly to SilverKris Lounge in anticipation of a month of built up to be welcomed by……..a super unwelcoming lounge dragon who made me feel I was a housefly hovering in unwanted grounds. So much for a premium welcome.

I turned left following the loud “Business Class” sign and encountered the most un-business atmosphere I have ever seen. Throngs of guest scattered on every available seat in sight, loud chatting noises buzzing all over, and guests using seats to sleep on like how they would on the airport floor.

The food area was not much better. The selection was so dull and area didn’t motivate me so much – ended up only taking two pics of the area because I literally felt every pic I take was intruding into someone’s privacy.

Food that I saw were fried noodles, bland vegs, lukewarm soup, popiah station (the worst popiah I ever had) and other very average looking stuff. Sorry no pictures coz I just wasn’t feeling it.

Alcohol section was not much better – couldn’t take pics as there was actually a queue at one point to access the drinks. Too tough.

I found a seat eventually but the lady seated beside me had her shoe off and I couldn’t make myself eat or drink while looking at her bare feet. Not the most appetizing sight.


The atmosphere was so bad that I ran away to the newly opened Marhaba Lounge just 5mins walk across after one glass of champagne and a plate of bad food. Didn’t remember to visit the washrooms but they must be overflowing based on the massive crowd.

For the duration I was there – about 30mins in total – there was a constant flow of people coming in to search for seats. Much like a foodcourt.

Its like a zoo in there.

I wonder if my expectations were too high. But for a facility that brands itself as a space for premium travellers, it should at the very least feel like one even when one does not have control over the behavior of its passengers.

I’m sad to say this one really came up short.

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