[Travel Itenary Review] Yeouido World Night Market 2019

While planning my trip, I realized that Conrad was in the CBD area and other than IFC Mall, I thought I need to find something else to do for my stay there.

Then I stumbled upon the Yeouido World Night Market – marketing spill as below:

A trip around the world in one night
against the backdrop of the Hangang River: A global night market with sellers from all around the world

This event is an international night market held at the Hangang River with sellers from all over the world
(thanks to partnerships with many foreign markets!) as well as a multicultural hands-on market set against the beautiful nightscape of the Hangang River that offers exotic foods, special handmade items, and unique performances by artists from a wide variety of countries!

Website: https://www.bamdokkaebi.org/yyd-introduce.

When Is It Held: Every Friday and Saturday 18:00 – 23:00 when weather permits. Apparently the website should show announcements of closure if its not going to be opened due to weather conditions.

Where Is It Held: Mulbit Square, Yeouido Hangang Park.

How To Get There: I asked the Conrad concierge and she pointed me in the estimated direction. I walked over and got lost once = went back to the hotel – then decided to try again. In the right direction, the walk from Conrad Seoul would take about 15mins leisure walk  but otherwise, official directions in English is laid out on their official site here.

[On paper] The official market layout:

  • Platform
  • Food Zone
  • Handmade Zone
  • World Zone
  • Event Zone

[n Reality] The space is not as big as it sounds. With a smattering of similar looking handicraft stalls and accessories, most of where the crowd were at the food trucks. And plenty of them there were – some selling similar bites. I saw chicken, shrimps, beef, pad thai (very popular), potatoes, and desserts.

I’ll let pictures do the talking:

There’s even a performance / busking area


Then there’s all the food stuff:

Great for a stroll first timers but I wouldn’t come here a second time unless you are looking for dinner here. If you are like me who comes after cocktail hours at your hotel then no loss.

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    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 My favorite food was the one shown in the main food pic – the prawn skewer thingy where multiple prawns were skewered together, grilled, then topped off with sauce. If you are a seafood lover, you wont regret!

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