[Flight Review] Singapore Airlines SQ611 Incheon to Singapore Boeing 777-300ER – Business

Spontaneous Seoul 2019


  • Flight Number: SQ611
  • Flight Time: 6hours 35mins
  • Incheon (ICN) – Singapore (SIN)
  • Depart Incheon: 11:20
  • Arrive Singapore: 16:55
  • Cabin Class: Business (J)
  • Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-300ER
  • Seat: 11A

This is the last leg of this trip and I was excited to check out the 2013 J which is not as new as 2018 J but for sure a wider seat and seems to be the favorite of a lot of reviews.

Also, this was my first time trying J’s lunch service. My red eye from Singapore was sleeper service so I didn’t get to experience the full show. Super excited even when queuing up to board, pretending not to gloat while in the full glance of Y and PEY passengers. Hah!

I lucked out with my seat selection this time too – I stalked the seat selection every day and one week prior to depart, I saw 11A open up! Now, I’m the one who usually avoid bulkhead seats, even in the mini cabin, as they are right by the toilets and I’d prefer having less space (subjective in this context) versus smelling toilets and human traffic throughout the 6.5hrs flight.


But seat guru (above) showed that in this aircraft, the J toilets were behind the min cabin which means this 11A will enjoy bulkhead space WITHOUT the toilet issue. Yays! And right after the F cabin which means the only traffic you’ll see is the crew. How nice.

After the boarding gate, the boarding bridge marks clearly where you should board and I skipped my heart (and my body) towards the left.

Completely photobombed

With just one row of F before me, it wasn’t long before I saw my seat in full glory.

But not before trying to (and failing miserably) to capture a nice picture of the mini cabin


Photobombed by my trusty shopping trolley

The hardware is old but still takes my breathe away. Mostly because its’ purple in colors. I mean, look at all that space! There is a lot of storage spaces available here at the left armrest as well as beside the seat itself. Your slippers, eye mask and socks are also placed here.

Seat control panel ..

Then you have your fluffy pillow sidekicks


I had plenty of leg space…



I also had 2 windows to myself


This time, my champagne came with a side of a fine looking crew

I could also get used to the SQ satay service, also served with a side of a rather cute crew. But my image of a classy J lady possibly evaporated when I replied ‘both’ when he asked ‘chicken or beef for you?’.

Actually I wasn’t expecting this as I had Booked The Cook and chosen the Hansik meal which was korean braised beef short ribs and thought it would be only that.

The life of a J suaku.

Then my table was set and the appetiser came alongside Korean side dishes.

Some poached egg with shaved cheese and bacon bits, avocado, and greens. Very keto!

I then washed down the main course of beef short ribs with more champagne

I spy a chesnut!

This was followed by my choice of dessert served trolley side – I heard ‘cheese’ and ‘dessert’ and said ‘both’.

Cheese was great except the blue cheese. Banana pudding was way too sweet. Should have asked for the macadamia ice cream, shucks.

Then I decided to say yes to a cappuccino when asked if I would like a hot drink. Then the pralines came along. She ran away before I could pick my 2nd praline so I guess the news of the 2 types of satay and 2 types of dessert got to her.

My sole love and weak cuppa

With my belly (really really) full, I started on my movie binge. I managed to finish Hell Boy and some other unmemorable one.

I tried the seat in the pre-set ‘lounge’ position and found it not loungey enough.

Un-loungey lounge position

So I decided to try the flat bed.

But for the life of me, I just could not get the bed to move like how the video showed. No body else seem to have problems though. So I sheepishly asked for help and a crew came to make my bed – in the middle of the afternoon – and I once again felt dumb because she made it in 2mins.

The most comfortable flat bed I have ever been on

I didn’t fall asleep even though I was tired and so glad I didn’t. Because 6.5hrs was too short for a perfect flight like this. I was so sad to see this:


I also had sneak peeks of the F cabin where there only seemed to have one lone passenger today. It is indeed lonely up there.


I was super sad to land in Changi – this has such a good flight that I didn’t want it to end! But alas, I must face reality and get used to peasantry once again.

My best flight ever. I could easily burn another 65,800 miles for this. Hehe.

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