[Flight Review] Singapore Airlines SQ608 Singapore to Incheon Boeing 787-10 – Business

Spontaneous Seoul 2019


  • Flight Time: 6hours 35mins
  • Singapore (SIN) – Incheon (ICN)
  • Depart Singapore: 00:10
  • Arrive Incheon: 07:45
  • Cabin Class: Business (I)
  • Aircraft Type: Boeing 787-10
  • Seat: 15K

With all the excitement akin to Snowball (that schitzo rabbit in Life of Pets), I embarked on my first experience on SQ’s 2018Regional J.

After all, after the disappointing SilverKris zoo trauma, I was more than ready for a good start to my atas trip.

Funnily enough, Award Wallet alerted me of a gate change twice, while my SQ / Changi Airport app was silent. Hmmm.

In any case, I was glad that I headed there early as Gate A17 is a remote gate and passengers need to reach there by getting on a shuttle train which adds about 5-10mins more to reaching your boarding gate.

Boarding was orderly with most passengers just wanting to get on and (try to) sleep. Boarding calls for First, Biz and PPS were called. I was the second in line and got excited at being able to take a decent pic of an empty J cabin.

Photobombed by the lone steward

I did a lot of online stalking about this latest J baby but nothing beats seeing it in person. I vaguely recall floating by it during my Bangkok trip in April but didn’t pay too much attention to it.

The brown and orange contrast pairs really well in terms of colors I must say. The cabin feels cosy but the sheer quantity of seats makes it hard to feel exclusive.

The seat itself and luxe and is further amplified by the choice of criss cross design brown inner velvet shell of the seat. The seat itself received a lot of flak for being narrow but it didn’t feel tight for me at all throughout the flight. But I definitely appreciated the pillow and blanket which came in handy midway through the flight even if the seats do not have individual air nozzles.

A side panel of lights gave options for different types of lightings you’d want depending on what you’d want to do throughout those 6.5 hours.


I picked the seat configuration which has the storage armrest closer to the aisle which allows for plenty of privacy as I am seated right next to the window(s).

To the left of the seat is plenty of storage space for the essentials like passport, phones, small pouches, and maybe a bottle of water? Eye masks, slippers, and socks are also placed here for you.

This is also where you’ll find your noise cancelling headphones (works really well for me!) when you first reach your seat.

There is also another compartment below the IFE which can be used to stow your hand carry or bag during take off and landing.


The seat / IFE controls are laid out at the side of your seat near the elbow space. There are 3 pre-set seat configurations including flat bed but you can also stop anywhere mid movement if you so prefer. The IFE handset itself is pretty easy to navigate – selection was KrisWorld quality as always. I finished Second Act and Isn’t This Romantic – Yays!


One thing I’d have to say (and this is a common sentiment shared in other reviews): the so-called window seats are actually rather misaligned with the windows, and the wings of the shell kind of eats into the window. A lot.

I also tried all the pre-set seat positions and found the lounge position quite comfy for a movie binge. The flat bed is obviously a marvel to try WHILE you are seated in it – you kind of start sliding down with it until it stops. But I forgot to take pics of it. Argh.

After being seated, I was served champagne for pre-departure but the nuts only came after take off. Strange.


The crew came around asking if we would like our meals after take off or prior to landing and I decided to have my lobster thermidor (via Book The Cook) as supper so I can focus on movie bingeing thereafter.

As it was a sleeper service, there was no fancy multi-course show but while linens and everything else still applied, with fruits being served first, then the lobster. To be honest, it was diced and very creamy and tasted only alright. The accompanying asparagus were bad though. Did not touch the rice either.

I was aware of the limited service on sleeper service but I was still expecting the whatever interactions there was to be warm and welcoming. Not so much on this flight surprisingly – service was at most mediocre save for one or two Korean crew who stood out as being more proactive and attentiveness.

I had made a resolution to not sleep on this flight but alas, it was a red-eyed after all so I crashed for 2 hours and woke up with 2 hours left to Incheon. After heading to the bathroom to wash up and walking back to my seat, one of the lovely Korean crew half-chased after me and asked if I would like any simple snacks – I asked for nuts and yoghurt. Just because it is J.

I also managed to take some awesome pics of my view which somewhat ended up looking very ‘space’ like.

We landed slightly after time at Incheon due to a slightly delayed departure, around 0755, and immigration at this time was an absolute breeze although the surly immigration lady obviously didn’t agree with me.

Onwards to Conrad Seoul!

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