[Lounge Review] Asiana Business Lounge, Incheon Airport Terminal 1

Spontaneous Seoul 2019



SQ closed its SilverKris Lounge at Incheon in Jan 2018 “as part of Seoul Incheon International Airport’s revelopment plan”. After reading some online reviews about the alternative Asiana Business Lounge, I was a little worried that I may face the same apocalypse like SilverKris Lounge at Changi Airprort T3.

But I would soon be proven wrong, pleasantly enough.

After arriving from Airport Bus #6020, I was quick checked in at the Business Class lane and the nonchalant attendant hurriedly said “youareinvitedtotheloungeatgate26”. Erm okay, thanks?

I do have to say though that the lounge is kind of around Gate 26 rather than at the gate itself. I was a little confused but followed signs pointing to Asiana Business Lounge (Central), went up, and sheepishly asked the lounge dragon if this is the right lounge. I was given a bored smile and a ‘yes’.

At this lounge, you enter by scanning your boarding pass after the being dragon checked. You do the same when you exit so it captures your exit time.

At first impression, the lounge is big!


Maybe its those high ceilings, maybe its the abundance of and nicely spaced out seats, plus strategic placement of the bar away from the food section. There were a fair amount of people busy staring at their phones but one would be able to find seats with no issues.

I found the food section quite adequate for a pre-flight meal – scrambled eggs, dumplings, vegs, meatballs, salads, sandwiches, coffee tea etc.

The bar area consist of a self-help beer tap, wines, and a selection of spirits

You can also do some plane-spotting if you like

I loitered around for a bit and saw a quiet lounge seat available so I jumped over and enjoyed a 5-min private time before heading to the boarding gate.


In Summary,

Its thankfully quite peaceful unlike the chaos at SilverKris T3 and its a rather nice spot to park yourself before a flight. Also plenty of powerpoints as all lounges are.

**You may however find yourself needing to tread carefully around a certain nationality of tourists who line themselves up at the corridors of the area re-packing their loots and resulting in plastic everywhere. Its a terrible sight and only serves to enhance my negative perception of tourists from that country unfortunately.

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