[Lounge Review] Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge – Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)


I was so glad for the opportunity to fly J for this Bangkok trip as I was excited to try the SilverKris Lounge in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

This SKL is one of the renovated ones under the ‘Home Away From Home’ concept. The blanket marketing spill as follows:

The new ‘home’ concept SilverKris Lounge showcases Singapore Airlines’ unique heritage distinguished by a customised batik design screen in the welcome foyer. Inside, customers can look forward to the familiarity of home with unique spaces modelled after living, dining rooms and kitchens, featuring tastefully selected art pieces. Specially designed productivity pods enable customers to work in privacy and comfort, while signature Singapore Airlines armchairs will be a new feature at all refurbished SilverKris Lounges. To complete the ‘home’ experience, customers can look forward to more personalised services and a delectable selection of food and beverages, including iconic dishes from Singapore

Location – near Gate D7, one level down from the main level after immigration. Watch out for the iconic Singapore Girl standee and you’ll see the batik screen.

Opening – 24hrs

Thanks to the Fast Track area, we zipped through the non-line quickly and were on our way. Arrived at about 6pm for our flight at 8pm which allowed us plenty time to chill and munch before eating (again) on flight.

The space itself looks refreshed and definitely more lively than the old dark wooden tones of SKLs. Seats wise, there were a handful of dining tables but more of sofa seats dotted with a couple of high bar seats by the side and at the bar itself.

The star of the space was the nice tended bar where 2 bartenders will craft the cocktail of your choice. There’s also a special cocktail menu but feel free to ask for something off the list if you want to.


The food area is not big but I really liked the food! And yes the legendary young coconuts were there too.

There was soup, dim sum, laksa, veg options, meats, pastries, bread, and a self serve fridge. Actually reminds me a little of a fancy club lounge of a 5-star hotel.

I forgot to take pics of the washroom but they were quite forgettable so no loss. And for the space, 2 cubicles for ladies may see a queue at busy periods.

The quality and variety of food surprised me – one of the best lounges I’ve ever been to!


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