[Flight Review] Singapore Airlines SQ1 San Francisco to Hong Kong Boeing 777-300ER – Business

  • Flight Number: SQ1
  • Flight Time: 20hours 10mins (including 1-hour layover)
  • San Francisco (SFO) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Singapore (SIN)
  • Depart SFO: 23:50
  • Arrive HKG: 07:00
  • Depart HKG: 08:00
  • Arrive SIN: 12:00
  • Cabin Class: Business (J)
  • Aircraft Type: A350-900ULR
  • Seat: 14A

I’ve decided to break the flight up into 2 segments as I needed to coherently fit in SilverKris Lounge in Hong Kong airport (even though it is technically the same flight number).

After walking 5 mins from United Polaris to the boarding gate, boarding for First and Business was called. I had initially booked 20K which was a window seat in the main cabin but the thought about the feet slot being angled to the left irked me A LOT as I sleep on my left – which means I would be sleeping facing the corridor.

But there were no other better seats as the cabin flight was rather full, and I didn’t want to take a middle seat due to the lack of window. So I stalked the seat selection every few days hoping for 11A or 11K to open up – to no avail.

The 11D opened up, as did 14A. Both are the mini cabin. 11D was a bulkhead meaning I didn’t have to sleep at an angle but I had no window. 14A had the feet slot to its left which resolved my sleeping-facing-the-aisle problem but alas, it was also right in front of the galley, the exit, followed by the toilet. In that order.

In the end, 14A won as I figured noise and lights from the galley would won’t be an issue with my eye mask and nose cancelling headphones. And hopefully being barricaded by the galley and exit means I wont get to see or smell the toilets.

I was actually really nervous as I floated into the plane.


Seat features wise, it is basically the same as SQ’s other 777-300ERs and much alike what I saw during my Spontaneous Seoul return leg:

View of the space from the rear of the seat






Just to show how much effort you need to put in if you really want to see your neighbour sitting down

The IFE was not exciting for me as it was the same on my SIN-SFO leg. So I randomly picked to finish my Lion King 2019 and ordered some champagne:


Off we go!

Supper was served about 1 hour into the flight. I had Book-ed The Cook for Crabcake with Potato Wedges. But first came the appetizer – some grilled vegetables thingy:


Then main course was up next. To be honest, when they first served the dish, I had trouble finding the crabcakes:

Spot the crabcakes! – okay-ish taste

Next up was dessert and cheese platter:

It was immediate bed mode for me after that as I wanted to chill. Unlike my Seoul trip, this time I managed to figure out how to make my own bed. #Lifegoal.

Home for the next 14hrs

The IFE wasn’t too exciting for me so I toggled between napping and watching random stuff. In between this and breakfast, I got hungry TWICE (because.no.carbs) and ended up having to ask the crew for nuts and a banana. On my 2nd request, the steward said they ran out of bananas and offered me a melon, but later re-appeared with a banana (yays) and said he took it from F. I guess bananas are too plebian for F passengers haha.

I also had an excellent coffee in between. Proper coffee on a plane is awesome.


About 1.5 prior to landing, we had breakfast and I picked the poached eggs (or basically boiled eggs made to look poached):


We landed in Hong Kong on time and disembarked towards and transit security for our onwards journey to Singapore with 1-hour layover.

In summary,

an uneventful flight with interrupted flight – which is my own fault of course. Crew and service is as expected from a J cabin so no complaints here. Definitely worth burning  48k miles for this for sure haha!

Menu pics for sharing (complete with bad lighting)!

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