[Lounge Review] Premium Lounge, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)


I technically could have accessed this lounge using my Priority Pass but this was also the dedicated lounge for SQ’s business class passengers.

This lounge is located in Terminal 2 of the airport and located at the mezzanine level after clearing immigration. You wont miss it as it is one of the larger lounges in the airport (well, and basically it covers most of the airlines using it and Priority Pass too).

I was flying SQ business class back home and reconfirmed with the reception that this was the correct place to head to.

Christmas tree @ entrance

This very cute tea area is what will first grab your attention when you step in beyond the reception. Apparently its some tea tasting for a nominal fee if I’m not wrong.


It was a spacious lounge with plenty of seating areas depending on your mood for the short stay:

Food and beverages were sufficient and not too bad of quality for a pre-flight stay – soups, hot dishes, breads etc etc.

Surprisingly, there was even a barista coffee thingy (which served really bad coffee).


I took one photo of the wines on offer:

There was another corner which offers simple snacks, instant boodles, and more beverages including beers.

There were also some fancy chairs for use at one corner – I think those come with massage functions and overlooking the atrium of the airport so it’ll be useful for pre-flight stoning.


In summary,

a surprisingly spacious and pleasant experience given the number of airlines it serves on top of Priority Pass access. Much better than my SKL T3 zoo experience for sure!



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