[Lounge Review] Israel Idyllic – Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Singapore Changi Airport

And so I decided to combine my flight reviews from this trip as they turned out to be rather samey samey and uneventful ie not substantial enough to be 2x separate posts. So while it may not be 100% sequentially coherent, it’ll save quite abit of empty spaces 🙂

Also, please excuse any discernible fatigue in the writing as I am restarting my mental engine after a long break and I hope I remember enough details to be adequate!

Revised review sequence:

  • Krisflyer Gold Lounge, Singapore Changi Airport
  • SQ494 Singapore – Dubai (Economy) 15:05 – 18:45 (flight time 7hrs 40mins) / SQ495 Dubai – Singapore (Economy) 20:00 – 07:15 (flight time 7hr 15min)
  • Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport (layover 15hrs 05mins)
  • FZ1209 Dubai – Tel Aviv 09:50 – 11:40 (flight time 3hr 50min) / FZ1550 Tel Aviv – Dubai 09:55 – 15:00 (flight time 3hr 05mins)
  • Sheraton Tel Aviv

I started my journey by popping into the Krisflyer Gold Lounge about 2 hours prior to my 3pm flight so it was lunch time and I was actually dreading the crowd having up too much on the crazy crowds at times.


After Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) clearance, Terminal Three, Level 3 (Near Central Immigration towards Gates A).

Access Policy

You can enjoy access to the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge if you are a KrisFlyer Elite Gold or a Star Alliance Gold member departing on Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance operated flights, in Premium Economy or Economy Class.

Please note that lounge entitlements accorded at each airport are based on your immediate departing Singapore Airlines or Star Alliance flights. Click here for more information on lounge access, including guest entitlements, based on your class of travel as well as your KrisFlyer membership and Star Alliance status. Click here for more information on Star Alliance lounge access policy.

For customers on codeshare flights, lounge access would depend on the rules of the airline operating your flight.

Please be informed that customers travelling on Scoot flights are not eligible to access the lounges.

From SQ’s website

The entrance of the space is actually quite nice with a brightly lit signage to welcome you and the lounge dragons in a rather cheery mood. I was whisked in after a quick check.


I have to say I really like the space and the choice of blue / grey colors! Apart from feeling still rather new (ie no tired looking couches), the high ceiling and plenty natural lighting gave the space a classy feel which was quite nonexistent in its former life. At 1pm, the space was not crowded at all which meant you can take your pick from the various seating: solo armchairs, high tables, proper dining spots, cosy solo couches, and work desks which didn’t look very suitable for eating. No real sleeping spots here but I suppose some make do if need be.

There is also another more private space right at the end – it was mostly empty either because people prefer to be near the F&B or this nook is not discovered much yet.


Food and drinks were very adequate for a proper lunch and my visit saw dim sum, laksa, chicken drumlets, fried rice, porridge, alongside some breads.

There were also some simple desserts, pre-packed sandwiches, and whole fruits.

Drinks selection saw the quintessential coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit prepacked juices, coffee, tea, and wines on dispensers.

Whatever I tried were decent quality which I wouldn’t mind coming over early for.


Am happy to say the washroom are more than decent – which came equipped with a hairdryer for some reason.


F&B are self-service so I can only comment on the clearance of the soiled cutleries which was a little slower than I preferred given that the space is not even half full.

In summary,

a more than decent lounge to have meal in, especially if flying Y 🙂

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