[Flight Review] SQ335 Paris (CDG) to Singapore (SIN) – Business

I was kind of excited for this last leg of my trip as it has been a while since I’ve been in this J cabin and I honestly miss the super flat and straight bedding (A380 why you so wrinkled).

  • Flight Timing – depart CDG 12:00Arrive SIN 06:50
  • Flight Time – 12hours 50 mins
  • Class of Travel – Business
  • Seat – 20A
  • Plane type – Boeing 777-300ER
  • No. of miles required – 92,000 Krisflyer miles (Saver, pre-devaluation)

This flight was packed to the brim!

Seat – Being solo, of course a window seat as always. Row 20 is also about just nice where its not too near to the washroom.

The seat itself is one of the wider Business Class seats for Singapore Airlines – prob could be a better angle but here goes anyways.

The seat felt very well maintained – with plenty of storage spaces and platforms on the left of (for row A) for your barangs.

To the left upper corner of the seat, beside the IFE screen, is also more storage spots, equipped with a mirror as well.

A bottled of water and headphones were already placed at the seat upon boarding which was nice.

The seat also features several lights and seat controls all around you, with the seat positions controls very easily accessible. USB charging ports are located in a closed flap compartment below the spotlight which I find quite strategic for not seeing loose wires in my sight.

I also asked for slippers, socks (only remembered to take pics after putting them on), and amenity kit (forgot to take pics).

Food & Beverage

This flight features lunch (Paris time) and breakfast (SG time) so it was abit weird but yays to eating anyways.

For some reason, there was no pre-departure drink on this flight which I think is due to a rush to take ff on time. But lunch service commenced shortly with the signature satay with of course but champagne for me. The in-flight menu was more appealing to me this time and I picked the baked cod fillet (which was decent but I’m not sure if that was cod). I had both the fruits and ice cream (too sweet) for dessert, alongside a cup of Illy’s.

It was chill mode thereafter that – the pillow, bedsheet, and blanket are stashed into the slot behind the head rest and I made my own bed which pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the flight until I had to put back the seat to prepare for landing.

Breakfast was served about 3 hours prior and about right on time for my eating pattern:

I selected my Book The Cook ahead of time and my choice was the Beef Soup with Hoso Udon (I tossed the noodles) and it was actually quite good! The one-tray service was served with fruits, muesli, and yoghurt.

Lavatories – spotless for most times, with amenities stashed in a cabinet drawer. The only incident I had was finding a used toilet seat cover at boarding – apparently someone did not know that they have to clear used ones themselves? Yucks.

IFE – compared to the A380, the IFE screen for this is not touchscreen which is not critical for me as the IFE can be controlled by the wired controller tucked in on the left. Plenty of shows as usual too!


Service on this flight felt hurried and slightly clinical, but the crew did try their best too – the full cabin probably took its toll on them. I had my drink order forgotten, thought it came fairly quickly after a reminder to another crew. There were also less active patrolling of the aisle, which became a slight issue as I later found out that my call button was not working. Feedback about this and it was duly acknowledged.

In Summary,

Despite the minor hiccups, this is a great way to get home. No regrets about burning my miles pre-devaluation!

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