[Flight Review] Singapore Airlines SQ970 Singapore to Bangkok Boeing 787-10 – Business

Decided to do this quick review after all even though I have already done a more detailed post on the same aircraft when I tried the product for the first time in June this year. You can catch up on the post here.

I was curious to see if the service would still be as stellar on a shorter flight time. So here goes a 2.5 hour J experience!

  • Flight Number: SQ970
  • Flight Time: 2hours 30mins
  • Singapore (SIN) – Bangkok (BKK)
  • Depart Singapore: 07:10
  • Arrive Bangkok: 08:35
  • Cabin Class: Business (D)
  • Aircraft Type: Boeing 787-10
  • Seat: 16D

We arrived at the gate when they started to call for economy class boarding. Floated through the business deck bridge and entered the cabin which looked exactly like how I remembered.

Not a lot of pictures this time since its the same seat but here are some obligatory shots of the seat, the IFE, and storage. Other pictures also wont be included in this post if they kind of look the same anyway.



Seat 16D was a middle seat (mum was on 16E) so no window view for this flight. It was also smack in the middle of the main J cabin, halfway between Y and the toilets. I thought this spot was rather nice in terms of getting best of both worlds.

Champagne was given upon request, and we were offered hot towels.

SQ’s IFE is considered one of the best in the world, but for such a short flight time, I could only squeeze in one movie – Men In Black International it is! I almost finished the entire  thing save for the last 15mins. Yays.

And yes, the lie flat position is my favourite position for watching an in-flight movie. Not so much love for the lounge position which I find not loungey enough.

AS it was a short flight, the crews served our meals about 30mins after take off. No elaborate multi-course thingy for short hauls but I Booked The Cook for a Grilled Angus Beef Burger. A decadent breakfast choice!

Plating looks a little empty. Because no carbs.

(I don’t know why this text bar is above the pic)


My mum’s Nasi Bryani which she said is quite good!


Meal service soon wrapped up and soon enough the descent and landing announcement made. As the cabin was almost full, there was a queue of about 4 pax long just before landing – I guess everyone strategized the same way haha.

We landed slightly ahead of time and made our way into Suvarnabhumi Airport, heading straight for the Business Class Fast Track which has zero queues. There is no fast track card now and instead just flash your boarding pass to the gate staff to be waved through.

The best part of the flight is not having to get stuck in the regular immigration queues. But then again, we got stuck in the belt because the luggage took a while to be released. I wonder how much nett time we saved really. But oh wells.

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