[Flight Review] Singapore Airlines SQ1 Hong Kong to Singapore 777-300ER – Business

This is going to be a short one as I think I was on the same plane as I did from SFO. So no need for photo overlap.

Boarding for business class was called at 0740 for the 0800 flight. This time, we entered via a different gate and I went back to my familiar 14A.

A shot of the seat in daylight

Pushback was on time, and as usual, my trusty glass of bubbly accompanied me up til take off:


As this was a short flight of 4hours, meal service commenced shortly after take-off. I had Book-ed The Cook and I had picked the Hong Kong Curry Beef Noodle Soup. It was excellent! Sans the carbs of course:



We approached landing after a while of chilling. I have completed my first 20-hour journey. In class.

In summary,

an uneventful flight but certainly a luxurious way to fly 20-hour journey. Would I do it again? If its in J, then negotiable. Hehe.



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