[Lounge Review] The Haven by JetQuay, Terminal 3 Singapore Changi Airport

So my plans changed midway and suddenly I had to look decent upon landing at Changi.

I frantically googled and found out about this arrival lounge at T3 when I found myself in a situation where I had to freshen myself out right after landing from a 20-hour journey from SFO to Singapore.

The plan was to not look like I had mushrooms sprouting from me.

So I frantically googled and found Mainly Mile’s article on The Haven at T3, which was where I would be landing. Yays.

Address – 65 Airport Boulevard, #01-18 Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663. Website.

Contact – Email: reservations@thehaven.com.sg, Tel: +65 62475636.

The lounge is located air-side which means it is located after you exit immigration – turn right after you exit the sliding doors, watch out for the ‘pay-per-use’ signage and turn right to find the entrance. For easy spotting, it located right opposite McDonalds.

In terms of facilities, this lounge offers lounge facilities, shower rooms, nap rooms, and meeting rooms. I was able to access it with my Priority Pass (which grants a 3-hour stay with showers included) but otherwise, their published rates are:

The Haven rates

I spent a grand total of 20mins in the space as it was basically a zip in and out thingy for me. With that amount of time, I managed to take a quick shower, ordered food which I didn’t end up eating, and took pictures.

Lounge area – the lounge area looks like your typical airport lounge fitted with non alcoholic drinks and cookies and snacks. Save for one other pax, the place was completely empty.

Showers – I forgot to take pics amidst my rush but they were perfectly fine for what its supposed to serve – there were towels, amenities available, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were available. They look exactly like how the website shows them to be – link here

Nap rooms – unfortunately, all the nap rooms were fully occupied so I wasn’t able to see it in person. It is a payable facility for Priority Pass users though. The link is here.

Food – Simple snacks and drinks were available at the lounge area but Priority Pass users also get to redeem one meal of your choice form a list of 6-8 different items. In my rush, I forgot to take pictures but choices were the likes of thai green curry rice, basil chicken with rice, baked rice with chicken the cheeses etc.

Service was quite nice – not overbearingly friendly and accommodating. They helped me keep my luggage when I was in the shower and also not grouchy when I suddenly had to leave and abandon the meal I already ordered. Nice!

In summary,

a surprisingly nice experience albeit short. I’m quite sure you’d need a valid boarding pass to enter it even though its landside as well. The showers and nap room look like something SilverKris can take a leaf out from as well haha!

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