[Flight Review] SUITE DREAMS – SQ25 Frankfurt (FRA) to Singapore (SIN) – Suites

You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this flight after a crappy Sheraton. Yay to Suites again! And I was also very much looking forward to trying out 2F even though it’s a smaller Suite – different experience after all.

[I actually didn’t end up taking alot of pics for this flight – probably because I was tired]

  • Flight Timing – depart FRA 11:40 Arrive SIN 06:50
  • Flight Time – 12hours 10mins
  • Class of Travel – Suites
  • Seat – 2F –> 1A
  • Plane type – Airbus A380-800

Check in experience – So I wanted specifically to touch on my check in experience at the Frankfurt Airport because it was very….. non-Suite like.

First of all, I wheeled up my 3x luggage to the empty Suites queue and 2 supposed queue dragons hollered at me from behind loudly – “HELLO? SUITES?”. I mean I understand and agree with the fact that the Suites queue should be guarded with zest to prevent non eligible guests from using it BUT there has to be a more refined way of handling this? Fine, perhaps I don’t fit your profile of what a Suites guest should look like, but I would very much prefer being asked nicely instead of being hollered at. And if the job scope is to guard the queue with your life then why are you standing a distance away and chatting with colleague instead?

Never mind, I replied a YES and got up to the counter for my check in.

The agent informed I’ve had a seat change to 1A.


I had picked 2F months ago when my redemption was confirmed, and it was also confirmed during my in-app check in 2 days prior when the function was open. What happened?

I asked what happened and why I wasn’t informed, nor asked for consent, but was told nonchalantly that the system has changed it – so I guess too bad? I mean I know that 1A is bigger but I have already tried that on my way from Singapore and I wanted to experience 2F specially given that it was on the other side of the aisle. Furthermore, I was not given a reason, nor an option – I was asked if I am ‘okay with it’ – but given that there was no choice, what options do I have? I find it incredulous that the airline can simply choose to swap out a Suite’s passenger’s seat without prior notice nor reason – then why ask us to pick our seats in the first place? Such things it shouldn’t even happen regardless of cabin type!

Didn’t help that the check in agent was not helpful at all.

After a brief visit to the Air Canada Malpe Leaf Lounge while mulling my ‘loss’, I went to the gate to stone but this time, boarding was delayed at the gate for about 20mins due to late arrival from JFK. Despite the incident, I was determined to have a great flight still!

Welcome – I was escorted to 1A after a warm welcome and I settled in, with less tinkering of the functions this time. I was asked for my choice of pre-departure drink and but of course it has to be Comtes again. But the drink was not served with warm nuts this time round.

Seat – The pics may look like a repeat but there goes anyway. Same lovely Suite same classy hardware so I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time.

What was different this time is the placement of the in-flight amenities: the unisex amenity kit and bottled water was placed together in front of the docked tablet and the middle console with the mirror was left open. Not sure if that was deliberate or the Suite was prepped in a rush?

Meals – for this flight, the meals covered was Lunch, and then Breakfast (in SG time), with Delectables in between. I didn’t capture much of the in-flight menu pics but I did grab a small-ish pic.

Table was set for lunch soon after take-off and lunch started with the famous SQ satay – one of my favorites on SQ’s premium cabin. Maybe because it reminds me of home?

Then the bread basket came along and I picked the garlic bread again, but this time it was cold and soft. How they can mess it up I’m not sure but definitely not the same I had on my depart flight.

And then its caviar time. Again! Yay. Same exquisite serving but this time there was no mother of pearl spoon – I was told that they were not loaded onto the plane. This round, I tried having it the ‘traditional’ way of having a shot of cold vodka with it but…. I think I still prefer washing these black shiny pearls down with Comtes!

I was okay with the explanation on the mother of pearl spoon but at the same time, wonder should SQ have made sure that these little things are taken care of on Suites at least?

My choice of main was Book The Cook’s Braised Pork Cheeks with Caraway Jus – this was quite flavorful and decent with a generous amount of meat.

After this, I ordered the only sake they have on the list – the Junmai Daiginjo (hot) – and it was quite satisfying!

I ended my meal with a Manuka Yoghurt Ice Cream with Baked Banana – decent enough but heavier than I thought. And more Comtes.

After the meal service concluded, it was about 5 hours into the flight and although I wasn’t sleepy as it was day time in Frankfurt time, I asked for my bed to be made in an attempt to get some rest. And just because.

I watched Avengers with a vengence for the rest of the time and felt peckish midway through. Browsed through the Delectables menu and saw mushroom soup and decided to go for it, together with a SilverKris Sling since I’ve heard so much about it. Both were served properly plated – and the soup was delicious! Didn’t like the Sling so much as it was too sweet though. So more Comtes it is.

3 hours prior to landing, Breakfast was served!

I started with a fruit platter, followed by a blueberry yoghurt bowl – both were decently refreshing.

For the main course, I made the unfortunate choice of choosing Book The Cook’s Wholesome Ballotine of Chicken With Farro Salad – too erm wholesome for me as it was bland and uninspiring. The crew asked if I would like eggs instead when they saw I barely touched my plate but enough eating for me at this point.

Lavatories – I’m sorry that I forgot to take pictures this time but I shall steal the ones from my previous flight for entirety. As always, they were kept immaculate for the entire flight, with the massive lavatory being the more popular choice.

In-Flight Entertainment – Samey samey as my previous flight, with a few December additions.

Service – I thought the service on this flight was phenomenal and better than what I experienced on my depart from Singapore – I mean they were both excellent but somehow the crew on this flight felt more warm. I wonder if it’s the joy of returning him for them too as they seem to have an extra spring in their steps.

Just before landing, I also asked to see the in-flight manager to convey my disappointment on my check in experience and also queried especially about the abrupt seat change. He dutifully said he will submit a report about this and the airline will come back to me after they complete the findings.

Departure – had a nice little chat with the crew before I said my goodbyes and onwards to try a spot of breakfast at TPR on arrival.

In Summary,

There is truly no better (SQ) way to get home! Now I understand why rich people don’t feel stressed about flying. What’s there to stress about?


So about 3 weeks after I landed back in Singapore, I received an email from SQ’s Customer Affairs Manager, which contains the following explanation:

“We are aware that you had pre-selected your seat months before your flight. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused when you were assigned a different seat on this flight. Our findings indicate that your initial seat, 2F, had been reassigned to accommodate a couple who preferred to be seated together. We would like to share that our ground staff are expected to inform our passengers should changes like this occur”

In the same email, I was offered 8,000 KF miles as a token of apology – which I accepted.

I actually replied to ask if consent is part of the process, as I did not think merely informing is not good enough. I simply could not understand why a couple’s request overrides the need for my consent to be swapped out without notice. Is it only me who finds it alarming that SQ does not need consent to switch a Suite passenger out from his/her selected seat? My response went unanswered unsurprisingly.

So fair warning for anyone who is booked on Suites, flying solo, and picked row 1 or 2 – you have to moderate your expectations and remember that a couple’s request takes priority – you will very likely suffer the same fate if thrown into the same scenario. A friend asked what would happen if I had insisted on getting my original Suite – I don’t really know but let me know if anyone tries!

The sole disappointment for what could have been a blemish-free flight.

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